Why Do We Still Need “libraries”? We Don’t!

Why Do We Still Need “libraries”? We Don’t!.


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Still Need “libraries”? We Don’t!

  1. This post was taken from the 21st Century Library Blog. So many times I’ve heard the question asked “Why do we still need Libraries?” I’ve never heard anyone give an answer like this one yet. I agree totally that we don’t need the library of long ago with the shushing librarian, in today’s world there is no place for that. What we need now are the interactive libraries, the libraries that encourage the use of technology as much as the use of books. Libraries where children can express themselves and feel free to learn and grow. So no, we don’t just need libraries, what we need today are LIBRARIES!!!!!!!

  2. Yes Luvern, when I saw that heading at Dr. Steve’s Blog, I too was really pleased with his take on the library that society needs. And from the LIBS 140 course we can see that the library is very much needed to curtail the digital divide in many societies that cannot afford ICT.

  3. Have you noticed the tags on his page? Tags are like indexing without a standard list, but are very helpful for linking similar items of information. When you get to cataloging, if you haven’t done so as yet, it will make sense. In the mean-time, try tagging your pages.

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