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Is your school missing the future?

Hhmmm, very interesting! Now, are our libraries missing the future?

Lucacept - intercepting the Web

“The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future.”

Larry Page at #TED2014

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Apply this statement to schools.

Is your school missing the future?

Are your students being exposed to the notion of cloud technologies and anywhere, anytime access? Or is that reserved for their personal life?

If it is, then maybe you should be asking questions of your school administration, IT Directors and Teacher Librarians.

We can’t afford to let our students find the future outside of the school experience. There’s a fair bit of guidance necessary to help them navigate this future and our schools should be leading the way, not impeding access.

If you’re not giving this some thought, then you should be.

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What the library does for us…

Libraries truly gives us a place to make new discoveries, a place to gather together as friends and a place to learn. Libraries create that place where change is possible.

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